• School Policies and Practices

    Discipline Guidelines

    Please see the district Student Rights & Responsibilities Handbook for discipline procedures (including dress code) available for download

    Parent Access and Visits during the School Day

    The office staff is requesting your help to minimize interruptions during the school day. We will call students for emergencies or parent pick up, but we strive to limit the number of interruptions for other reasons as each call to the classroom disrupts instruction.  It is essential that classroom instruction is not interrupted. In an effort to reduce the interruptions of instructional time Sonoran Foothills will only allow glasses, and medically required items to be given to students. Forgotten homework assignments, backpacks, lunches, projects, water bottles and musical instruments can be signed in at the counter. Classes will not be interrupted to notify students, but the office will email the teacher(s). Communication with your child should be through the office. Please do not text or call your child’s cell phone during school hours. We need your help to preserve the instructional environment of our classrooms every day of the school year!

    Textbooks / Library books
    When a student is issued a text, reading book, or checks out a library book, she/he is responsible for it until it is returned to the teacher or media specialist.  Textbook prices range from $7.50 to $80.00.  Overdue library books must be returned before you are allowed to check out additional books.  Lost books must be paid for before you will be allowed to check out additional books.  Final report cards will be held in the office if a cafeteria balance, textbooks, or library books are not cleared by the close of school.


    Personal Property

    Students are not permitted to use personal items such as cell phones, MP3 players, cameras, toys, and electronic devices during school hours. We discourage students bringing large amounts of money or personal valuables to school. Sonoran Foothills School cannot assume responsibility for loss or damage to personal property brought to school.

    No Gum at School

    We ask that students, staff, and visitors not bring gum to school. We have a new and a beautiful school and must to work together as good stewards of our facility. Despite best intentions, gum is often found in all sorts of inappropriate places. There will be no gum chewing at school.

    Classroom Celebrations

    In order to preserve classroom instruction:

    ·         Communicate with the teacher regarding food allergies, timing for the celebration, etc.

    ·         Items will be left at the front office, and the student will retrieve them when it is convenient for the teacher. 

    ·         Don’t bring food items to lunch and distribute to anyone other than your child.

    ·         Don’t distribute invitations at school unless the entire class is invited.

    Deer Valley School district follows the rules and regulations set forth by the Maricopa County Health Code and with the United States Department of Agriculture’s federal guidelines, which standardizes the way in which food comes onto campus and is distributed to students.

    All food brought onto campus (i.e. for birthday celebrations) must be prepackaged and originate from certified kitchens, commercial institutions or commercial food service stores. Ingredients must be listed on the packaging due to student allergies.  Supplying homemade cupcakes and cookies is no longer permitted in any Deer Valley Unified School District school.


    Lost and Found

    Students are encouraged to place their names on all personal belongings such as coats, lunch boxes, gloves, sweaters, etc.  Lost items will be kept in the "Lost and Found" located outside the multipurpose room. Students may check the lost and found for missing items.  Parents are also encouraged to check for missing items when they are on campus. Unclaimed items will be donated to a local charitable organization at the end of every month.