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    Welcome to 8th Grade Science. In class this year we will cover numerous topics across multiple science disciplines. In our look at Biology, we will consider human heredity, as well as animal behavior. While studying Chemistry, we will learn to use the periodic table as a guide to elemental behavior; and, we will apply that understanding to broader topics. In our time pondering Physics, we will learn how the natural laws in our world affect the movement of objects; and, we will always keep the concept of relativity in view.
    I am excited to start another year, and I cannot wait for the students to start grappling with the scientific concepts that allow us to better understand our world. Despite having started as a high school English teacher, I have always been a science nerd...and it is my daily goal to share that enthusiasm with students. We live in a modern technological society; as such, I believe it is incumbent upon members of this society to develop a solid understanding of the science that directly impacts almost every aspect of daily life...I do not want my students feeling like mere observers when conversations regarding science take place.

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