Welcome to EL

  • Welcome to the EL website for Park Meadows Elementary School! I am the EL Teacher Specialist, Mrs. Scruggs.  

    EL stands for English Learners.  I assist and teach all EL students with varying levels of English proficiency.  I help by either pushing into the student's classroom or by pulling students into my classroom during their science and social studies block. I use GLAD strategies while teaching in small groups because small groups are beneficial to English learners. GLAD is the acronym for Guided Language Acquisition Design.  This method of instruction enables me to teach grade level content using a sheltered English approach.  School districts around the country use this model and have great success.  The program focuses heavily on vocabulary development, reading comprehension, and writing skills while mastering grade level content.  Students are encouraged to speak often in my class so that they can practice their English frequently.  The use of pictures is a necessary requirement in EL class to enhance comprehension which I do routinely. 

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