Course Description

    This course studies the comparative themes and literature of the world. Students will develop skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening. Students will develop their writing skills throughout the year by composing a narrative essay, informative essay, and argumentative essay, in addition to short writing exercises and projects. 

    ENGLISH 3-4

    Course Description

    This course includes fiction and emphasizes the non-fictional genres: essay, letter, pamphlet, speech/sermon, journal, autobiography/biography, research, etc. It is aligned with district and state standards/Common Core and supports the school wide efforts in increasing student achievement.


    What I expect most of all from our class is hard work on the part of the individual writer, careful reading and discussion on the part of the class


    What we will be focusing on this year will be improving our reading dexterity to support your student for upper level reading and analysis that will be expected in their Junior year.