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    Middle School Renaissance Supply List 2020-2021
    Arizona Law requires that public schools provide supplies required for academic success. This list represents optional, supplementary items, which you may supply at your discretion. Due to school budget restraints, we highly recommend that parents purchase these supplies for their children. If you have questions, please feel free to contact the school.

    Items needed for ALL classes

    • Colored markers or
    • Colored pencils
    • 3-Highlighters- different colors
    • Erasers- pencil tops or pink
    • 1 pkg card stock
    • Pencil box or bag to hold supplies
    • 2 pkgs. Pencils
    • Hand Sanitizer
    • 1 pair of scissors
    • Kleenex
    • Paper towels
    • Ziploc bags- snack, quart, or gallon
    • Dry erase markers
    • Ruler with inches and centimeters



      • 1- 1” heavy duty 3 ring Durable View Binder
      • 1 subject spiral notebook 
      • 3 ring binder dividers (3 dividers)
      • 1 - 2 pocket folder
      • Clear tape
    • Calculators:

    7th grade Math: Scientific calculator (6th grade will not be allowed to use graphing calculators in class.)   

     8th grade Math:  Scientific Calculator, TI-83 Plus, or TI-84  Graphing calculator

    Algebra and Geometry: TI-83 Plus or TI-84

    **Optional but highly recommended: Calculators will be used daily.  Students will need a calculator throughout high school and into college. 

    * Wish list items: 

      • AAA batteries 
      • Clear protector sheets
      • Mechanical pencils

    Wish list please check Mrs. Vogler’s Amazon page  https://amzn.com/w/11G7F7ZAUH7ED 

    Social Studies

    • 1- 3 subject spiral notebook with folder dividers in between (5 star first gear are very strong)
    • 4-Glue sticks
    • 4 rolls of clear tape 
    • 1 pkg. regular post-its

    Wish List Items

    • Post It Poster size Notepads
    • Poster Markers
    • Clear Protective Sheets
    • Black Sharpies (fine point and regular)

    English Language Arts

    • 2 composition notebooks (college ruled is preferred but not necessary)
    • 1 pkg small sticky notes
    • 1 pkg regular sticky notes
    • 2 rolls of clear tape 
    • Folder for paperwork
    • red and blue pens


    • 1 composition book
    • 1 - pack post it style notes
    • 2 rolls of clear tape
    • 2 glue sticks

    STEM wish List (only need a few of most of these)

    • Masking tape/painter’s tape
    • glue gun sticks
    • Popsicle sticks
    • duct tape
    • Legos (variety of sizes to donate)

    Wish list please check Mrs. Harvey’s Amazon page at:

    There is a strong possibility that students will NOT be able to share materials next year. It is really important that all students have their own materials and something to keep them in.

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  • Hello and welcome to the Renaissance program at Canyon Springs! I look forward to having an exciting school year. The Renaissance program is an amazingly unique program where students are able to think deeper and work as a team across subjects and grade levels. We have the ability to slow down and help our students gain a deeper understanding of the curriculum and the world they live in. Students will be participating in many group and individual problem based lessons, socratic discussions, and projects in Social Studies this year. We are a family, who support each other, and learn from one another, and we are excited for a wonderful, new school year.

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