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    Guidelines Regarding Outdoor Activity in the Event of Intense Heat  

    Exposure to excessive heat can cause illness, injury and death. The elderly, the very young, and people with chronic health problems are most at risk. However, even young and healthy individuals can succumb to heat if they participate in strenuous physical activities during hot weather.

    A heat advisory is issued by the Arizona Department of Health Services when unusually high temperatures produce conditions that may lead to heat-related health hazards. The advisory is based on four factors – temperature, humidity, amount of cloudiness, and the expected duration of these conditions.

    Heat Advisory Alert

    In the event of a heat advisory:

    • When possible, utilize indoor facilities that accommodate physical activity.
    • Plan outdoor activities for the coolest times of the day.
    • Limit and reduce the duration of outdoor activity.
    • Take frequent breaks.
    • Provide drinking water before, during, and after the activity.
    • Pace physical activity.
    • Plan for cool-down recovery time in the shade if possible following an outdoor activity.

    Kids riding bikes

    If Your Child Walks or Bikes to School:

    • Make sure your child walks or bikes to/from school with a buddy. Whether it's a classmate, or if it's you joining your child, safety happens in groups.
    • Children should wear light-colored and light-weight clothing.
    • Children should have sunscreen applied before leaving home. Sunscreen should cover any exposed skin including the arms, legs, face, and back of the neck. Walkers should wear a hat for additional protection.
    • Children should hydrate before leaving home or school. They should carry a full bottle of water for hydration during their journey.
    • If possible during extreme heat warnings, pick up or drop your child off at school to reduce exposure to the heat.

    Need more guidance on how to beat the heat? Our DVUSD nurses put together this helpful video with even more tips!

    Official Heat Advisory:

    Schools will follow these guidelines to determine when it is safe to conduct activities outdoors, and it is recommended that teachers and administrators keep students inside as much as possible during heat advisories.

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