• Mrs. Mylan's English Language Arts Course 

    Hello and welcome to my webpage! On this site you will find information regarding your student's weekly assignments, homework assignments, project due dates, and other necessities for the class.
    If you are searching for a book for your Book Blog that begins Friday, September 14th, use the follwowing links to help you find a great book!

    Link to lexile.com

    Link to young adult, high-lexile novels

    Link to young adult fiction and nonfiction

    Students: If you need to get the class textbook at home, here are the steps to get the online version! 
    step 1: go onto my.hrw.com
    step 2: log in. Your login information needs to be types in as   Dv.first initial/middle initial/first 3 letters of your last name/last 3 numbers of your ID  
    Here is an example- if Jane Marie Smith wants to login, her login information would be "Dv.jmsmi456" 
    step 3:  your password is your full student ID#
    Here is an example-- Jane Smith's password would be "123456"
    step 4: click log in! 
    1st        8:15 - 9:15     PREP
    2nd       9:20 - 10:10   7th ELA
    3rd     10:15 - 11:05    7th CO-TAUGHT ELA
    Lunch   11:10 - 11:40
    4th      11:45 - 12:45 7th CO-TAUGHT ELA
    AP       12:50 - 1:10   AP time
    5th       1:15 -  2:05   7TH ADVANCED ELA
    6th     2:10-3:00 7th  ADVANCED ELA 
    Contact information:
    email:  melina.mylan@dvusd.org
    phone:  623.376.3335
    English Language Arts
     Merlin Falcons' Team Leader