Welcome to Art Class!

  • Dear Terramar Parents,

    Please let us introduce ourselves; your new art teachers. We are both .5 , and came out of retirement from the Washington School District. Our schedules will be split evenly between the 6 days, and we are both so excited to be working with our new students.

    Our “mantra” is that Kindness is everything; kindness to each other, kindness to our teachers, kindness to our families, kindness to our art supplies, and most importantly, kindness to ourselves. Guiding children in visual art is our main focus in making the art room a safe and exciting environment for all.

    Although Terramar offers us many supplies to work with, we have created a “wish list.” These items are: soup size cans, yarn (fun, fluffy, and colorful works best),non-ridged paper plates, tapes( packing , masking and, blue tape,) We would love packages of carbon paper, silver and gold sharpies, and used CD’s. We need hot glue guns, and hot glue sticks and flat marbles. We understand that these items can be expensive and certainly are not required.

    Please contact us as we move through the school year with and comments or concerns or COMPLIMENTS!!!!!

    Thank you very much and we look forward to a great new school year.

    Artfully yours,

    Karen Carnow “ Ms. C”

    Suzanne Bednarz “Ms. B”

Contact Info

  • Email Addresses:
    Phone:  623-445-7643