• LA 7/8 or Senior English Parents and Students, Class of 2019

    Please go to CANVAS for more information, assignments, syllabus...CANVAS is where the majority of the work will be assigned and turned in.

    Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year. I am looking forward to meeting you all.

    Attendance is very important to me. In the real world, we do not get paid if we do not show up for your job...well, the same can be said if you skip school. There are discussions and activities you miss if you are absent that can never truly be made up. People need to miss school at times, but please, try your hardest to attend. I will do the same.
    Completion of work, in a timely manner, is a must. I will return work to you in a timely manner, as well as respond to any emails that you send. If you are absent you are responsible for the work you miss. Please see me before school, second lunch, P7 or afterschool for updates on what you missed. If you are absent the day before a quiz, you will take the quiz the next day you come back. If you are absent on a quiz day, you will need to take the quiz the next day that you are back in school. This will need to be done before school, second lunch, P7, or whenever you get off school but it will not be taken during the class since I will be teaching new material.  
    The expectations are simple: Come to school and complete your work. One last one item--have fun. It is your last year of high school so let's make it count--in school, at home, during work, with friends!!! Make it worthwhile.
    As always, I am there for you. Students, please self-advocate for yourselves. Ask for help and let me know before assignments are due if there is an issue meeting deadlines. Meeting deadlines will allow for a better opportunity for a higher grade than those who turn in late work.
    **I am planning on using CANVAS most of the time this year. Please being in your District-supplied iPad. It will come in handy. CANVAS will also have current lessons, assignments, calenders, contacts...Sme work will still be paper so please bring in pens, pencils and papers.**  
    I have already placed a few announcements on CANVAS about me, school and Flex Time.
    Syllabus: There will be an electronic copy on CANVAS the first week of school.
    Thank you.
    Mr. LeBlanc