• LA 1/2 (Freshman) 2021-2022: English Parents and Students, 

    Please go to CANVAS for more information, assignments, syllabus...CANVAS is where the majority of the work will be assigned and turned in. There will be announcements too.

    **I am planning on using CANVAS most of the time this year. Please being in your District-supplied iPad. It is necessary. CANVAS will also have current lessons, assignments, calenders, contacts...Some work will still be paper so please bring in pens, pencils and papers.**  Cell phones will not be needed.
    I have already placed a few announcements on CANVAS about me and school.
    Syllabus: There will be an electronic copy on CANVAS..
    I am also the Boys JV Soccer Coach and assist with Boys Varsity Soccer.
    If you have any questions about ELA or Soccer, please email me at: Michael.LeBlanc@dvusd.org
    Thank you.
    Mr. LeBlanc