• Parent Handbook 



    The curriculum Deer Valley is using for developmental preschool is called Big Day for PreK.  We do a letter of the week and study a monthly overall theme that is broken down into weekly sub-themes. 

    I would like to welcome you to Desert Mountain Developmental Preschool.  We are looking forward to a wonderful year working with your children.  All of our special education therapies take place in the natural environment of the preschool classrooms.


    Our classroom in is room J -101. Ms. Ellen Foreman will teach with para professionals: Ms. Stephanie Danielson and Ms. Julie Ross. 


    The best way to reach the teacher is by email or phone:

    Ms. Foreman can be reached at 623-445-3531 and email @ Ellen.foreman@dvusd.org




    Ÿ  If your child will be absent please do the following:  email your child’s teacher, contact the front office at 623-445-3506 and the transportation department if your child rides the bus, that number is 602-467-5090 (option 1)


       If you would like to visit the classroom, please notify the teacher in advance.  Please, no parent visits for the first two weeks of school.


    Ÿ  Your child needs to bring a full size backpack to school.


    Ÿ  Please send in an extra set of clothing in a labeled zip-lock bag.  Please also label any jackets that your child wears as well as water bottles you send in.


    Ÿ  Please leave your child’s toys at home.  I hate to see the sad faces of children when toys get lost or broken.


    Classes are held Monday through Thursday, with two hours and thirty minutes sessions in the morning and the afternoon.  All of our classes are taught by certificated special education teachers, with the assistance of trained paraprofessionals.  The occupational therapist, physical therapist and the speech language pathologist participate in each classroom.  Therapists may service students by leading small groups and/or providing therapy services within the classroom environment.  

    Our classroom includes children with and without delays in development.  Developmental Preschool recognizes the diverse abilities, needs, interests and cultures that our children bring to the classroom daily.  Each child is valued and respected as a unique individual developing at his or her own rate.   In our classroom children’s development is guided by a cooperative team of professionals through observation, interaction, and well-planned learning activities.  Class lessons provide age-appropriate and individually appropriate learning opportunities and materials for children to actively engage in the learning process. 


     We recognize the importance of working closely with families and believe that family involvement is vital to the total learning process.  Families are encouraged to participate in many activities throughout the school year.

    Desert Mountain Developmental Preschool meets from 8:45-11:15 for the AM class and from 12:30-3:00 for the PM class.  We try to place the younger students in the morning class and the older students in the PM class.


    Desert Mountain Class Schedule


    Gross motor time on the playground 


    Transition to the classroom/practice tracing or writing name and bathroom time


    Circle time (calendar, music, counting, and letter of the week)


    Guided center time (individual goals, small group time)

    Free choice time (child-directed activities such as PlayDoh, kitchen center, dress-up, games/puzzles, and other activities related to current theme)


    Clean up, bathroom time, transition to snack


    Snack time (direction following, counting, and oral motor activities)


    Recall sheets, music time,  pack backpacks, transition to bus or pick up.



    Please feel free to bring these in at any time.


    ·       Paper towels

    ·       Tissues

    ·       Disinfectant Wipes (Lysol)

    ·       Baby wipes

    ·       printer paper