• Early Childhood Education/Advanced Early Childhood Education

    Early Childhood Education
       This course examines the developing child from conception through adolescence.  Areas of development include physical, social, emotional and cognitive growth of children.  Students will also have the opportunity to observe in a preschool setting to obtain real world experience.  
    *This course is offered as a 3 credit hour dual enrollment course through Rio Salado College.
    Advanced Early Childhood Education
        This course gives students an opportunity to plan and teach curriculum and gain valuable experiences working with children.  Students will participate in real world training (First Aid/CPR, food handlers, curriculum) to assist with certification in the field.  
    *Upon successful completion of the AZ ECE State Skills Assessment, students can apply for up to 12 college credits through Rio Salado College.
    Boulder Creek High School is fortunate enough to have a state approved childcare facility on campus to facilitate authentic workplace learning for our students.  Those enrolled in Early Childhood Education and Advanced Early Childhood Education are given the opportunity to have one-on-one interactions with the preschool aged children.  Due to the nature of this program, professional standards are enforced at all times. 

     Presentations and assignments are posted for students on Canvas https://dvusd.instructure.com