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    1st Hour- Intermediate Graphic Design
    2nd Hour- Advanced Graphic Design
    3rd Hour- Graphic Design
    4th Hour- Graphic Design
    5th Hour- Lunch
    6th Hour- Graphic Design
    7th Hour- Graphic Design
    Course assignments can be found on Canvas:
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  • Hello there!

    Welcome to Graphic Design!

    What is this class all about? From the official description on the Department of Education Website: 

    The Graphic Design instructional program prepares students to use technical expertise, creativity, and esthetic principles to design and create visual concepts that meet specific commercial or promotional needs, as well as inspire, inform, and captivate consumers. ... Throughout the Graphic Design instructional program, students learn and practice valuable real-world skills using industry standard graphic design software to create professional-grade design projects. 


    Stated a bit more plainly, students will learn how to use industry standard software (Photoshop, Illustrator & InDesign) to make cool stuff that mimics what you find out in the "real world."

    So... let's create!


  • Student Project Examples: