• 4th Grade Weekly Music Lessons


    To receive weekly credit for 4th Grade Music assignments, please fill out this survey each week. In the survey please specify what lesson you did so that you may receive credit for that lesson.  




    Next year in 5th Grade, you will have the opportunity to join Band. Here is an opportunity to watch an instrument demonstration video to help give you an idea what each instrument sounds like. Please fill out the weekly survey and let me know what instrument(s) you would be interested in playing next year.  

    5/4 - 5/11:

    Here is a lesson on found objects percussion. Think about all the things you can use around the house to make music. In this lesson they show a few videos of the group STOMP! which is a great example of using various items to make music. If you are interested in watching the full STOMP! performance click here. In addition to regular household items, some muscians have even made instruments out of vegetables. Click here to see a carrot turned into a homemade recorder.


     4/27 - 5/4: 

    Here is a lesson on the job of a conductor. You will learn how to conduct in a few patterns as well as watch performances that showcase world famous conductors. 



    Here is a great Classical Music Lesson on Dreams. There are 4 music videos and guiding questions that help discuss Music and Dreams. 


    To continue practicing your note names click Here.

    If you choose to practice note names, please let Ms. Ibarra know your score out of how many note names you attempted. 





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