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    Welcome to K-8 Spanish!
    Mission Statement for World Languages

    The Mission of the World Languages programs in the Deer Valley Unified School District is to provide extraordinary language and cultural opportunities and to create world class, fully articulated World Languages curriculum which will enhance the future success of students in a global and technologically advanced society.

    Following there is a brief description of what we will be learning this year.

    K-6 Spanish Specials class:
    Students in K-6th grade will learn basic vocabulary and sentence structures typically used in conversations related to specific themes. This year's theme is "Mi familia y yo" (Me and my family). Check out my website's Newsletters and Assignments section for more details.
    In addition, students in 4th-6th grades will begin to learn basic Spanish grammar. They will be graded based on their Writing, Reading, Listening, and  Speaking skills. Detailed assignments and study guides can be found in the assignments section of this website.
    7-8 Elective class:
    Students in 7th grade continue to learn Spanish as an elective class. They work year round on classroom activities that provide them  with practice in interpreting, expressing, and negotiating meaning through extensive and frequent peer interactions
    Students must score a C or above for their final grade in order to enroll in Spanish 1-2 the following year.
     Spanish 1-2  (Semesters 1and 2) is the equivalent to a year of High School Spanish for students in 8th grade. This course  follows the High School Curriculum, Grading, and Guidelines set forth in the Academic Planning Guide. The grades earned in Spanish 1-2 will be calculated into the student's High School GPA.