• Online Learning Update!!!
    Please join our Google Classrooms ASAP.  To do so, go to google, click on your google applications, then click google classroom.  Your username is "studentusername@learner.dvusd.org" and then use your normal password.  You will need to join four classes!
    Class Codes
    Ms. DeVriendt Math: ar34kb5
    Mrs. Backus ELA: whus3rp
    Mrs. Hackash Science: qbsl5cv
    Mrs. Hackash Social Studies: jec53mx
    Visit www.dvusd.org/homelearning for some ideas on how to keep your academic game strong this week.  Also, make sure to wake up early, eat healthy, and stay active!  
    This site will be an up to date resource for all of my students and their families. I will try my best to keep it current so please make this the first place you look for announcements, curriculum questions, what is happening in class, and how to support your child!      
    I am always available at samantha.devriendt@dvusd.org whenever you have any questions or concerns.
    I send weekly email updates for 6th grade and for math.  If you are NOT receiving these emails, please let me know by emailing samantha.devriendt@dvusd.org and I will add you to my group!