• -Mr. Anderson


    From the Principal, Mark Anderson…
    October is here, the temperature is star1ng to change, and we are through our first quarter of school. I hope everyone had an opportunity to meet with their child’s
    teachers during parent teacher conferences this week. Building a posi1ve rela1onship with your child’s teacher is very important to further ensure we are providing the best
    possible academic environment. Approaching educa1on as a unified team is proven to be a very important factor in our student’s success.
    We also have some great news to report! Last week The Arizona Board of Educa1on released our school labels. Highland Lakes School received an “A” raPng! Below is how
    the letter grades were calculated:
                  • 30 percent of the grade will depend on how well kids perform on AzMERIT, the state's standardized test. Elementary- and high-school students will earn their
                         schools at least par1al "points" if they score in any of the test's three highest performance levels: par1ally proficient, proficient and highly proficient.
                  • 50 percent of the grade will be 1ed to how students improve on AzMERIT. Half of this slice will be calculated by how a student improves compared to their peers.
                         The other half will be calculated by how the student improves on AzMERIT against an expected-growth target.
                  • 10 percent of the grade will be determined by how well a school's Englishlanguage learners perform and improve on a specialized test, AZELLA.
                  • The final 10 percent of elementary school grades — and one of the most obvious difference between the old system — will be based on a pool of "accelera1on and
                          readiness" measures. This will be partly determined by chronic absenteeism rates and how many third-grade students a school moves out of the lowest
                          performance level, minimally proficient, on the reading por1on of AzMERIT.
    Only 16% of Arizona schools received the leHer grade of an “A”. I want to personally congratulate all of our students, teachers and parents as this is a very big deal. We are
    lucky to have such an amazing educa1onal community and we are all lucky to be a part of it.
    Thank you for your con1nued support, Highland Lakes School would not be what it is without you. Enjoy the end of October and we are looking forward to an amazing
    second quarter…