New River Community,


    I am grateful to have been chosen to be the leader of such an amazing school last year and am honored to serve the New River community again this year. The culture of the New River community is so heartwarming and caring which made navigating through unknown circumstances a little easier. The 2020-2021 school year has been a year that we will never forget. Many people may say it has been their worst year of their lives, however I see it differently. It has been a year of challenges and obstacles. There have been many frustrating moments and several tears yet through it all we became stronger and persevered through the difficult times together. As we move into the 2021-2022 school year we will continue to work together to assist students to move forward, heal and grow.  


    Our theme this year is “Time to Grow.” We will be focusing on a growth mindset, setting goals and celebrating each small step towards those goals while viewing mistakes as opportunities to learn.These skills will be present in our academic instruction and STEM activities. In addition to academic growth, we will continue to support the social emotional needs of students through our positive behavior interventions using CATS and All Things EQ.


    As we move through the year, we will continue to ensure all students achieve high levels of learning through our multi-tiered process which includes solid instruction for all students, reteaching to those who need it and additional interventions to fill in learning gaps. You may notice that the way we report students' grades will be different this year as New River School is one of the phase 1 schools in shifting to a standards based mindset.


    Our teachers will be getting additional support this year as we are participating in Project Momentum. This is a grant that will bring professional development on our early release days and provide funding for teachers to have release time to collaborate together in professional learning communities (PLC) to sharpen their instructional knowledge of the content and instructional practices. 


    As the principal I will be supporting teachers using strategies in Breakthrough Coaching. There will be regular coaching days that I will be in classrooms all day. On these days I will not be available in the office and may not return parent phone calls until the next day. I appreciate your understanding as these practices have shown to improve student achievement.  


    I am hopeful for the future. New River Elementary has remarkable students, the best staff, supportive families and strong business partnerships which can only lead to a thriving outcome. Thank you for kindly welcoming me into the New River family last year and I look forward to continuing to partner with everyone as we work together to prepare our kids for the future- “Today’s learners, tomorrow’s leaders!”



    Dr. Tina Marone

    Principal, New River Elementary School