• Community of Character and Courage
    The Deer Valley Unified School District, with the help from the counseling department and school principals, will select students, staff, and/or community members who exemplify strong character and courage. Once chosen, those selected will be honored at a Governing Board Meeting as a Deer Valley Community of Character and Courage recognition recipient. Traits of Character and Courage include: Respect, Integrity, Caring, Trustworthiness, Perseverance, Responsibility, Good Citizenship, Positive Attitude, Gratitude, and Courage.
    List of recipients:
    Illian Roberts
    Ilian and Cathy Roberts - Deer Valley High School - 11-15-16
    Ilian and Cathy Roberts both exemplify the meaning of character and courage and have overcome many hurdles to get to where they are today. Ilian lived his first years of life like no child should ever have to. At a very young age Ilian was severely abused by his birth mother. While in the hospital, Cathy Roberts asked Ilian if he would like to come home with her. Unable to change the past, they now live each day looking forward to a great future. Ilian, a senior at Deer Valley High School and a future NAU nursing student, has been successful in track and field and is the ultimate example of resilience. Cathy has adopted four sons and is someone they will always respect.
    Hailey Dorris
    Hailey Dorris - Deer Valley High School - 12-13-16
    Hailey Dorris, a Sophomore at Deer Valley High School, exemplified strong character and courage one evening while visiting a local QT. Another Deer Valley student with Autism was there after leaving home on his own.  He had crossed a major intersection and was some distance from his home. He poured himself a hot chocolate and ran out of the store very confused. Hailey, who knew the student from her work as a teacher’s aide, immediately realized that he was in distress and that there was a problem.  She spoke to QT employees and explained the situation and immediately set to work getting him comfortable and home to his family. She was able to find his home and reunited him with his mother. His mother, along with neighbors and the police had been searching for him all over the neighborhood. Without Hailey’s help, this student would have been in real danger.
    Justin Melore
    Justin Melore - Greenbrier Elementary - 1-24-17

    Justin T. Melore, a sixth-grader at Greenbrier Elementary exhibits a superior level of maturity and traits of character and courage that are not often found among students, much less sixth-graders. He shows respect and caring for other students, adults, and very importantly for himself.