• Tech Rich Campus Program

    To prepare students for the unprecedented opportunities that await citizens of the 21st century, DVUSD recognizes that a thorough understanding of technology is essential for extraordinary learning opportunities. Educational technology, thoughtfully and appropriately applied, will enhance not only the learner-centered experiences of all students, but also the professional growth of DVUSD’s faculty and staff.   A Tech Rich environment can transform student learning experiences through the use of technology tools and resources that increase opportunities for students to think critically, work collaboratively, and function in today’s society.

    • During the summer of 2015, Boulder Creek High School will update their networking infrastructure to accommodate the one-to-one initiative
    • By the end of the first quarter of the 2015 Fall Semester, DVUSD will issue all BCHS teachers an iPad
    • In January 2016, Boulder Creek High School will distribute iPads to a pilot group of students.  One teacher will oversee this implementation phase
    • In February 2016, Boulder Creek High School will include students from nine more teachers.
    • The final implementation phase is in the fall of 2016 when all BCHS students will receive an iPad.
    • All faculty and students have a DVUSD Google domain account.
    • The Canvas Learning Management System is in place to support digital learning.

    The one-to-one mobile devices, along with student’s own technology devices, will allow teachers to design learning experiences using e-textbooks with embedded links, video, 3D graphics, collaborative publishing, and instant access to reference information.  Teachers will use the SAMR model to guide technology integration in the classroom. For more information about SAMR, click here

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