• Mr. Jackson's 8th Grade Mathematics Class

     Welcome to another exciting year in your child’s education.  My name is Mr. Jackson, and I will be your child’s mathematics teacher this year.  I am looking forward to meeting all of you.  We need to work together as a team to make sure your child receives the best education possible.  You can help me by making homework and studying a top priority in your home.  Let’s work together and help your child develop a positive attitude and a love of learning.   

              I firmly believe that good parent-teacher communication is the key to student success.  Therefore, if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to call me at (623) 445-8268.  You may also contact me via email at jason.jackson@dvusd.org.  Your child is my main concern.  If you have any information you feel may help me teach your child more effectively, please contact me. 

              I feel the most important aspect in a classroom is a positive environment where all students can learn.  It is essential to eliminate poor behavior and work habits.  Students who choose to be disruptive in class will receive consequences.  Students who make appropriate choices will be given a variety of rewards and positive reinforcement. My goals for your child are to teach him/her the importance of learning, mastering content objectives, having a responsible attitude, and having respect for themselves and others.  I have high academic and behavioral expectations for your child.  I am confident that together we can make this a successful year.

     Mr. Jackson’s Rules and Procedures

     1.     Rules (Written guidelines for the class)

    a.     Bring all necessary materials to class.

    b.     Follow directions the first time they are given.

    c.      Raise your hand and wait for permission to speak.

    d.     Speak quietly when working in groups.

    e.      Stay in your assigned seat unless you have permission to do otherwise.

    f.       Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself.

    g.     No cursing or teasing is allowed.


    2.     Procedures (unwritten rules that make our class run smoothly)

    a.     All trash must be thrown away at the end of the period.

    b.     Use please and thank you.

    c.      When you enter the classroom you are quiet, take your seat, and begin the day’s reinforcement         exercises.

    d.     Do not write or pass notes in class (including texts or other digital transmissions).

    e.      When the phone rings or the intercom calls in, cease talking immediately.


    3.     Consequences (What happens when you make poor choices)

    a.     First infraction:              Verbal warning

    b.     Second infraction:          Brief hallway conference

    c.      Third infraction:            Complete Think Sheet, parents called, lunch

                                                  Detention in Mr. Jackson’s room.

    d.     Fourth infraction:           Office referral



    4.     Homework Policy

    a.     You will have homework every night.

    b.     Your work is expected to be neat and easy to read.

    c.      You must use a pencil for all assignments.

    d.     Homework will be collected at the beginning of each period after reviewing the assignment.  If you do not have it, you will receive a zero for that assignment until it is completed.  Remember, you are responsible for mastering the content of each assignment and it is highly important to practice concepts taught in class.

    e.      Absent work is NOT considered late.  You have one night for every day you were absent to turn it in.

    f.       It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to see me for all assignments you missed due to your absence.


    5.     Grading Policy

    a.     Grades are earned by you, not given by me.

    b.     Progress is tracked through Power Schools, and I will input grades no later than one day after an assignment is collected.  In cases where intervention is necessary, your parents will be contacted directly by me.

    c.      Tests are worth 40% of your grade.

    d.      Quizzes are worth 30% of your grade.

    e.     Homework/In class work is worth 5% of your grade.

    f.      Yearlong Khan Academy skills practice is worth 25% of your grade.


    6.     Restroom Policy

    a.     I do not like to waste valuable learning time.  You may use the restroom before school, at recess, during lunch, during transitions, and after school.  I understand we all have emergencies, but I also know they do not occur every day.


    7.     My Responsibilities as Your Teacher

    a.     To treat you with respect and care as an individual.

    b.     To provide you with an orderly classroom environment.

    c.      To provide the necessary discipline.

    d.     To provide the appropriate motivation

    e.      To teach you the required content.