• As of 6/1/2020- We are not currently taking new applications.  As we get closer to the start of the school year, we will reopen the process if we have parking spots remaining.  Please look for summer communication regarding parking in July on our website, through School Messenger, and also through @learner email accounts.  Students who previously applied will be receiving communication on their application status via their @learner email.  Have a wonderful summer break!
    -BCHS Administration


    It's that time of year to start the process for student parking during the 2020-2021 school year. This year we are doing parking virtually for the first time. This is a new process for everyone. PLEASE be sure to follow the steps to ensure your parking application is complete so that it can be processed. The class level discussed will be for the Fall 2020 semester.

    The application is competed using a Google form. All questions and information is required. You are also required to have a digital picture or PDF of the student's driver's license, proof of insurance, registration, and the completed application. If you cannot print and photograph/scan the application, students can use Notability on their iPad to fill out the information and save it as a PDF. All images/documents must be clear and legible for application processing. You will need to have all information completed in the Google form before proceeding to the next step. There is only one application per email account. You will receive an email receipt from the Google form once the application is complete. Please save this email in a safe place. If you need to fix something in your application, the link will allow you to correct or resubmit documents. Also, do not share the email with others due to security.

    • SENIORS (Class of 2021) ONLY will be submitting their applications beginning Wednesday, May 13th and running until Sunday, May 17th.
    • Monday, May 18th parking will open for Juniors (Class of 2022) and Seniors
    • Once your application is reviewed and accepted, you will be sent an email (to your school email account) that the parking debt is attached to your account for payment.
    • You will then NEED to go to https://payments.dvusd.org > under fines and fees > you can pay via MC or Visa.
    • FINAL APPROVAL will only occur once you have paid.
    • If your application is not completed, you will receive an email informing you of uncompleted items and you will able to go into your application receipt email and submit the corrections.
    • Please understand that your application will NOT be assigned a completion number, until it is complete and paid in full.
    • After final approval, your application is placed in numerical order, and you will be entered into the system for a parking spot.
    • Please understand that parking spots are randomly assigned.
    • We also have a limited number of spots on campus.
    • Seniors, West-MEC, and Carpooling are given priority based on order of completeness of the application.
    • Parking decals will be issued in July or early August. Details for pick up will be announced at a later time.
    • Once campus spots are full, spaces are then assigned to the Church Parking Lot. This is the waiting process prior to moving on to campus as spots open.

    Please download this PDF to complete and submit to apply for parking:  Parking Application PDF

    To apply for parking, please follow the following link:  https://url.dvusd.org/386c8a72   (This Google form will not be active until 5/13). 

    You must have all images, PDFs, or documents on the device where you are submitting the application. 

    Please reach out if you have questions!  Have a great day!

    Jay Kopas
    Boulder Creek High School
    Assistant Principal