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    Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year.  I am very excited for the new year to begin for everyone.  This will be my fourth year at Mountain Ridge High School.  If this year is as exciting and fun-filled as the last years, we will have a great time!!!  While this will be my fourth year at Mountain Ridge, it will be my 35th year in education.  I have worked in special education for 22 years, taught 7th-8th grade math for 10 years, and served as an assistant principal for two years.  Mountain Ridge is a fantastic school!!!  Let's get some learning done!!!  The best way to contact me is via my email address:  donna.callies@dvusd.org.  And remember;  "Da, Da, Da Da Da Da, Go Pack Go" says any Packer fan everywhere!!



  • Daily Schedule
    1st - Geometry 1-2 with Mr. Randolph - CC312
    2nd - Algebra 1-2 with Mr. Kullos - CC410
    3rd - Testing
    4th - Prep - CC301
    5th - Geometry 1-2 with Mr. Kullos - CC410
    6th - Algebra 1-2 with Ms. Hurguy - CC310
    623-376-3232  donna.callies@dvusd.org
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