• Mr. Harder's 5th Grade Class

    I want to welcome you and your student to my webpage and my classroom.  I'm Mr. (Wes) Harder, and I'm so excited to be back at Norterra Canyon for a sixth year !!



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    An important update as of 8-17-2021: 


    Each Wednesday eve, I will send home a brief email that outlines the 2 things that will be going into my gradebook for each of my 5 subjects (reading, writing, math, science, and social studies).


    Assignments/work due for week of 8-16-2021


    • 2 hours of Amplify (due by Sat night)
    • "Winds of Hope" selection quiz (this is being done in class, so I will leave this grade open and missing students will have a chance to make it up once they return)


    • Final draft of our current “Idea wheel” story (due by Sat night) This project was started was started before we started losing students, and students were given responsibility for keeping it last week. I’d like at-home students to consider taking a photo of the final draft and then emailing it to me
    • Topic for Informative Essay (due by Sat night) The next writing project is going to be an informative essay that students can use to inform me about any topic they feel passionate about (an animal, a sport, a family member, etc.). They can email this to me at wesley.harder@dvusd.org


    • 10 Dreambox lessons (due by Sat night)
    • Canvas Lesson: 1.L5.ET | Name Decimal Fractions (submit by Sat night)



    • Google doc “Solubility Data Table” (submit by Sat night) Student can watch the lesson “Solubility Part 1” in order to fill out this doc (attached within the lesson) accurately
    • Google doc “Solubility Follow-Up(submit by Sat night) Student can watch the lesson “Solubility Part 2” in order to fill out this doc (attached within the lesson) accurately


    Social Studies

    • Update on research on “State” project (submit by Sat night) Student can simply send me an email with 3-4 pieces of information/data regarding their state that they are researching. They can email me with 3-4 facts that they have collected about their state and/or 3-4 pieces of information about how their research/project is coming along
    • Google doc “How Did the Colonists Live Note Taking (submit by Sat night) Student can watch the lesson and find the doc inside the assignment entitled Colonial Government



    This is my first year teaching 5th grade self-contained (meaning the students stay in the same 5th grade class all day), so there are some things that will get implemented once our class is "in its groove" and once I have been able to get to know the students.

    Please email either of the 5th-grade teachers if you have questions on this.

    Mr. Harder


    Important COVID-19 updates and info:

    For the most current information and updates, go to https://www.dvusd.org/Page/66666. DVUSD is updating the page regularly with the most recent information.

       If you have any questions or concerns, please send an email to covid19concerns@dvusd.org. This account is checked daily. We encourage you to review the various resources that are always posted on www.dvusd.org/covid19

    Thanks !!!!

    Mr. Harder