• Mr. Harder's 5th Grade Math & Science Class

    I want to welcome you and your student to my webpage and my classroom.  I'm Mr. (Wes) Harder, and I'm so excited to be back at Norterra Canyon for a fourth year !!





       Important COVID-19 updates and info:

    Hello Everybody!

    • For the most current information and updates, go to https://www.dvusd.org/Page/66666. DVUSD is updating the page regularly with the most recent information.
    • Hello all….

         As most of you have heard from the email that Mrs. Mineer sent out to all the NC families, we are now indeed shifting to true synchronous, “remote home-learning”. It simply means that instead of simply posting assignments for our students, our 2 half-hour Zoom sessions every Monday-Thursday are now required. They will also be interactive…meaning I will provide real-time instruction, and then attempt to interact with students who have questions and/or comments.

         Emails that you’ve received I know can be overwhelming, so I thought I’d try and simplify it for you by putting the most important items in a short list of bullet points below, with a focus strictly on what pertains to mine and Ms. Kunkel’s classes. And remember….we’re figuring this out together, so we appreciate your patience with any issues/questions that come up.

      • * We plan on this being our model for these last 5 weeks of school
      • * Ms. Kunkel’s and my Zoom time meetings are remaining the same (9:30 am – 10:00 am, and 2:00 – 2:30 pm)
      • * These Zoom classes are now required ***
      • * The students I usually had in the morning will receive invitations from me to attend my morning classes (science on Mondays & Wednesdays, and math on Tuesdays & Thursdays), and my afternoon students will receive the same type of meeting invites for my afternoon class
      • * Ms. Kunkel will be sending similar invitations of course
      • * Allof our teacher-directed Zoom instruction will be recorded and posted in our Google Classrooms on that same day for students to access

             * Ms. Kunkel and I may be contacted directly for appointments by parents or specific students to    obtain individual help

    • Here is a link to go directly to our current 5th grade schedule: 5th grade remote learning schedule


      • Ms. Kunkel and I will avoid recording student pictures/video/full names during the teacher-directed instruction portion.
      • Please remind your student(s) to have their video option turned to OFF when they join our Zoom classes
      • Our Zoom / Google Meet access details will only be provided through secure means (email or within the learning platform)
      • For K-8 students, the 4th quarter begins on April 20
      • All students will begin the 4th quarter with their 3rd quarter grade
      • Students with “F”s will not have a score lower than a 50% to start the quarter
      • The 4th quarter final grade cannot be lower than the student’s 3rd quarter final grade
      • Student work completed and submitted will be provided feedback and receive a grade
      • Daily work expectations for students in 5th grade are 3 hours (1 hour of school, and 2 hours of work at home
      • If you have any questions or concerns, please send an email to covid19concerns@dvusd.org. This account is checked daily. We encourage you to review the various resources that are always posted on www.dvusd.org/covid19

      *** We know about online learning under normal circumstances is that less is more. Because technology devices in many of our families are shared with multiple family members for schooling, work, and life management, we must be mindful of the time requirements expected for schooling activities.  

     Thanks !!!!

    Mr. Harder