Materials and Welcome Letter

    Material and support Items that Mr. Colceri would be very appreciative to receive in order to help keep our classroom squeaky clean and running smoothly throughout the year would be:
    • Tax Credit donations via the link below for music and field trip expenses - http://dvusd.mytechsupport.com/eca/
    • Clorox and/or baby wipes
    • AA batteries, AAA batteries
    • 1" three ring binders
    • Clear plastic sheet protectors
    • Assorted color electrical tape
    • 1'' inch blue painter's tape
    • Pencils
    • Super glue or Gorilla glue
    • Tissues

    UPDATE: All information for specific classes can be found within our "Canvas" page. below is the link. Use it for all assessments, calendar info, and homework assignments.



    Dear Desert Mountain,

    Thank you for your support, and particularly for encouraging your child to begin and/or continue their study of instrumental and vocal music. This investment of time, effort and energy will surely yield lifelong dividends!

    Music is a vital component in the positive growth of every child. Based upon extended research studies, we now know that the very process of learning music develops the artistic mind and brings forth the creative potential in all young people. For this reason, continued membership in our Band family is strongly encouraged.

    Throughout the year you will be receiving communiques from me concerning upcoming concerts, festivals, and other pertinent information. 

    It is a privilege to have your child as a valued musician in our organization. Thank you for your support of the Band Program and Music Program at Desert Mountain. You play an important role in everything we will be able to achieve. Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year!


    Titu J. Colceri
    Band/Choir/Music@Desert Mountain