Physical Education Class


    Dear Parents and Students,           


    Our P.E. Program is dedicated to providing all students with a well-rounded curriculum designed to encourage life-long learners and recreation. The P.E. Department will emphasize the following:

    • Nutrition     

    • Physical activities, both individual and team

    • Basic sports skills

    • Motor skill development

    • Rules/regulations of various sports and recreational games

    • Sportsmanship and team work

    • Social skills and peer relationships

    • Coordination and agility drills


      Grade Point System


      Student’s grades are assigned based on their completion of daily tasks.

      There are three daily task requirements:


      Students earn points each day for dressing appropriately and coming to class prepared. Unfortunately, when students do not dress appropriately they may have to sit out of the entire activity due to safety concerns. Students not participating are unable to earn points and also miss the opportunity to engage in physical activities with their peers.


      • Clothing: All students should wear clothes which enable them to participate on their PE days. PLEASE DRESS YOUR CHILD APPROPRIATELY FOR WEATHER CONDITIONS. If a dress must be worn, the student must have shorts or pants underneath.

      • Shoes: Tennis shoes are required. Tennis Shoes should allow for good support and flexibility at the arch. A tennis shoe is a closed shoe, not an open or strap back, platform or defined heel shoe. Those types of shoes may cause ankle and leg injuries. Hiking boots do not allow for flexibility and shock absorption and sandals do not protect the feet.

      • Jewelry: Watches, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, etc. that might become a safety issue should not be worn to PE class. Students should leave such belongings in their classroom.

      • Personal Items: The school will not be responsible for valuables brought to class. Students should leave them at home or in their classroom.




        Students are expected to fully participate in the activities taught in class. The PE department will be utilizing the multipurpose room, various classrooms, and outdoor areas to teach a wide variety of activities. Students will be graded on their effort and participation for the daily lesson. Students who elect not to participate will lose their daily points. This includes stretching and performing cardiovascular/muscle strengthening exercises which are also apart of our daily routine.




        During Physical Education, students are encouraged to have fun, play hard, and try their best. Social development is a very important aspect of Physical Education. It is an excellent time to build friendships and utilize social skills. However, it is just as important to remain respectful and demonstrate good sportsmanship/team work. Failure to demonstrate good social skills and appropriate behavior will result in loss of points.


        Consequences as follows: 

        Step 1. Verbal warning

        Step 2. Time away from activity

        Step 3. Call home or written parent notification

        Step 4. Written Referral/Detention

        Step 5. Referral to Administration

        NOTE: Students may be advanced to another step depending on the severity of the incident based on student handbook.





        Medical Information


        Students are to report all injuries immediately to the teacher. Please do not touch or move any students who are injured as this can potentially increase harm or pain. If your child needs to be excused from the daily activity, please send a parental or doctor’s note with your child. Please note:

        *Students with a doctor’s note will need a doctor’s clearance to return to PE after a prolonged excuse.


        *Students with casts will not be allowed to participate in any activity which may cause contact or injury to themselves or others.


        Everyday PE Rules and Expectations


        Observe all school rules while in class

        Follow directions the first time given

        Treat equipment and facilities with proper care

        Demonstrate respect for self and others

        Wear appropriate shoes/clothing - Come prepared


        Always try your best

        Participate in daily activities and lessons

        Demonstrate good sportsmanship and proper behavior



        Contact me with any questions you may have - Thanks! Coach P.