Mrs. Domkus' 1st Grade Class


    Veterans Day
    We had a wonderful Veterans' Day assembly last week!  The first graders did a wonderful job singing the military branch songs.
    We also enjoyed shopping at the Titan Store and learning about nutrition with our 7th and 8th grade health buddies.
    Since we have two short weeks coming up, this newsletter will contain the information for the next two weeks.


  • Specials Schedule:  We are on a 6-day rotating schedule for specials. Here is our class's schedule: Day 1 - P.E., Day 2 - P.E., Day 3 - P.E., Day 4 - Music, Day 5 - Art, and Day 6 - P.E.  
    art    music         pe
    This week:
    Monday, November 12 - No School
    Tuesday, November 13 - Day 6 - P.E. (athletic shoes required)
    Wednesday, November 14 - Day 1 - P.E. (athletic shoes required)
    Thursday, November 15 - Day 2 - P.E. (athletic shoes required)
    Friday, November 16 - Day 3 - P.E. (athletic shoes required)
    Monday, November 19 - Day 4 - Music
    Tuesday, November 20 - Day 5 - Art
    Wednesday, November 21 - No School
    Thursday, November 22 - No School
    Friday, November 23 - No School


  • Veterans Day
    Monday, November 12 - No School - Veterans' Day
    Thursday, November 15 - Terramar Thanksgiving Feast - See Attached Flyer for Details and to Sign Up - Thanksgiving Feast Flyer
    Wednesday, November 21 - Friday, November 23 - No School - Thanksgiving Break
    Wednesday, November 28 - 5:30pm - 6:30pm - Kindergarten Round-up - Media Center
    Thursday, November 29 - 7:00pm - 8:00pm - School Talent Show - Multi-Purpose Room
    Friday, December 7 - Early Release - (Kind/1st grade released at 11:25, 2nd-8th grades released at 11:35)
    Friday, December 14 - Father/Daughter Dance - 6:00pm - 8:00pm
    Monday, December 17 - Friday, December 21 - Spirit Week - Details coming later...
    Friday, December 21 - Early Release - (Kind/1st grade released at 11:25, 2nd-8th grades released at 11:35)
    Monday, December 24 - Friday, January 4 - No School - Winter Break

English Language Arts

  •  The Farmer in the Hat
    This week in Reading... 
    We will read the realistic fiction story "The Farmer in the Hat."  Our comprehension focus will be on cause and effect.  Our sight words for this week and the next week are be, could, horse, of, old, and paper.  Our phonics focus for the next two weeks will be on the or and ar sounds.  In writing, we will begin to work on a narrative piece, focusing on something that has actually happened to us.  
    Here is a link to my Spelling City website where students can practice reading and spelling sight words...  Spelling City
    Here's a video from Jack Hartmann about "bossy r"... Jack Hartmann - Bossy R
    Here's another video in which Geraldine the Giraffe learns the 'or' sound... Geraldine the Giraffe
    Students make words with the 'or' sound in this game...  Make a Word - or words
    Students will click on pictures of things with the 'or' sound... 'or' Picture Hunt
    In this game, students will create words with the 'ar' sound... Make a Word - ar sound
    This is a story called "Car Race" featuring the 'ar' sound that students can read/listen to... Car Race
    Here is the link to our class Raz Kids account... Raz Kids Log-In


  • Word Problems
    This week, we will spend a lot of time solving word problems.  Most of these word problems will have missing parts.  For example: 16 points were scored in the football game.  6 of them were scored in the first half.  How many were scored in the second half.
    We will also review equivalent expressions.  For example: 6 + 2 = 3 + 5.
    Next week we will reinforce the concept that 15 is the same as 1 ten and 5 ones.
    In this game, students solve word problems... Molly Adds and Subtracts from Twenty
    In this game, students will practice their understanding of place value up to 20... Numbers Up to 20
    In this game, students have to figure out which number makes the equation true... Balancing Equations
    Here is the link to our school's DreamBox account... DreamBox

Contact Information

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    Phone: 623-445-7623