Mrs. Domkus' 1st Grade Class


    Nurse Cindy
    Last week, Nurse Cindy came to our classroom to teach us about dental health.  She showed us how to brush and floss properly, told us how often to brush, floss and go to the dentist.  She also showed us a video about tooth superheroes and read us a funny book called Andrew's Loose Tooth.
    We have started a new better way to help our first graders with spelling. Students have been grouped based on their needs, students are working on things from digraphs, silent E, vowel teams, and endings. You may see when tests come home that there are misspellings in some words - but they are marked correct. That is because we are only testing to see if they have mastered the phonics rule that we have explicitly taught for spelling (writing). For example, if a student is working with silent e - and they spelled place like this - p-l-a-s-e, it would be marked correct because they have understood that the a is saying its long sound because of the silent e.
    We know this might be a bit confusing, so if you have questions - please do not hesitate to contact your child's teacher.
    This week is Spirit Week and Field Day!  See below for more information.


  • Specials Schedule:  We are on a 6-day rotating schedule for specials. Here is our class's schedule: Day 1 - Art, Day 2 - Art, Day 3 - P.E., Day 4 - P.E., Day 5 - Music, and Day 6 - Music.  
    art    music         pe
    This week:
    Monday, March 11 - Day 2 - Art
    Tuesday, March 12 - Day 3 - P.E.
    Wednesday, March 13 - Day 4 - P.E.
    Thursday, March 14 - Day 5 - Music
    Friday, March 15 - Day 6 - No Specials - Field Day


     Field Day    Spirit Week

    Monday, March 11 - Friday, March 15 - Spirit Week 
    • Monday - Tie Dye Day
    • Tuesday - Destination Day (Dress as if you were going to the following destination...)
      • K-2 - Space
      • 3-4 - Hollywood
      • 5-6 - Jurassic World
      • 7-8 - Hawaii
    • Wednesday - Squad Day (Dress like friend or group of friends.)
    • Thursday - Dress as a character from a childhood tv show
    • Friday - Color Day (Our class is pink!)
    Tuesday, March 12 - Guest Author - David Rottenberg - Reading Gwendolyn the Graceful Pig/Ballet Performance - 1st and 2nd grades in the Media Center - Order Form attached to order a book signed by the author!
    Friday, March 15 - Field Day - Parent may come to watch, but may not participate in the events.  Please have students wear sunscreen and tennis shoes and bring a water bottle. If anyone has a wagon that we could borrow to pull the water bottles around, that would be great!  E-mail me and let me know!  Thanks.
    • K-2 - 8:30 am - 10:30 am
    • 3-4 - 10:45 am - 12:45 pm
    • 5-6 - 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
    Monday, March 18 - Friday, March 22 - Spring Break
    Wednesday, March 27 - Awards Assemblies - MPR 
    • 5th and 6th Grades - 8:30 am
    • 3rd and 4th Grades - 9:15 am
    • 7th and 8th Grades - 1:30 pm

    Friday, March 29 - Mother/Son Dance - 6:00pm - 8:00 pm

    Friday, April 5 - Early Release - Professional Development (K-1- 11:25, 2-8 - 11:35)

    Friday, April 19 and Monday, April 22 - No School - Spring Break Days

    Wednesday, April 24 - Spring Band Concert - MPR - 7:00 pm - 8:15 pm

English Language Arts

  • Mama's Birthday Present
    This week in Reading... 
    We will read the realistic fiction story "Mama's Birthday Present."  Our comprehension focus will be on drawing conclusions.  Our new sight words will be about, surprise, enjoy, worry, give and would.  Our phonics focus will be on possessives.  In writing, we will finish up our pieces about our favorite subjects.
    Here is a link to my Spelling City website where students can practice reading and spelling sight words... Spelling City
    In this video, students will learn about possessives...  Captain Cluck
    Here's another video that teaches students about possessives... Good Old Apostrophe S
    This is a fun game in which students click on clues and then draw a conclusion about what the object is... Draw Conclusions
    These are some free books that students can read on-line... Wilbooks
    Here is the link to our class Raz Kids account... Raz Kids Log-In


  • halves    fourths    clock
    This week, we will begin to learn about fractions by recognizing and counting equal parts.  We will also learn to recognize and color halves and fourths.  (When discussing fractions with your child, please use the term 'quarters' to represent fourths, as well, since we will also be using this term in class.)  We will also talk about if halves or quarters are larger and which one gives you more pieces.  
    We will also begin learning how to tell time to the hour and half-hour.  We will name times like 11:30 as 'half past 11' as well as 11:30.
    In this activity, students will click on the fraction that is being shown in the picture... Halves and Quarters
    In this game, students set a clock to the correct time to rescue a cat... Time Travel
    Here's a video that teaches students about halves and fourths... Fractions - Halves and Quarters
    Here's a video that teaches students about telling time... Telling Time for Kids
    In this game, students click on pictures that show equal parts... Equal Parts
    Here is the link to our school's DreamBox account... DreamBox

Contact Information

  • phone
    Phone: 623-445-7623