• Ms. Igo's Language Arts Class!

     This year, students will develop their skills in reading and writing as well as communication skills. Students will practice close reading and analyzing skills through multiple genres of literature. Through this, we will uncover deeper questioning and thinking skills. We will improve our writing skills by practicing our organizing and pre-writing skills, using text evidence to support our ideas, as well as working on revising and editing skills. We will work on improving our vocabulary, grammar and comprehension skills and develop communication skills through group discussions, group projects and class presentations.

    In the classroom I believe we are not only developing good students but good citizens as well. Therefore my goal is to get us high school ready with not only academics but also including life skills as well. My teaching philosophy is to create a supportive, student centered classroom where the students can make connections that are engaging, inspiring, relevant. My goal is to expose the students to different forms of reading and writing so that they are able to identify what sparks their interest. I firmly believe there are different aspects of English that speaks to every student and I intend to help them find it. I love bringing enthusiasm wherever I am and hope the students find their own interest and enthusiasm within the subject of Language arts.