• Welcome to Fourth Grade!

    Welcome to a fantastic year of learning! 
    This year, In Social Studies, we will learn about exploration and colonization, and how groups of people have impacted the development of the Americas.  In Science, we will complete investigations using the Scientific Method to further our understanding of landforms, magnets and electricity, water, and environments.  We will use Eureka Math to study place value, rounding, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, measurement, geometry, fractions, and decimals.  In addition, we will focus on critical thinking and problem solving skills.  This year, we are reading to learn and writing to communicate our learning!  We will read a variety of complex, highly-engaging, literature and informational texts, use comprehension strategies to identify the key ideas and details, and craft and structure of the text, and make connections!  In Writing, we will focus on informative/explanatory and persuasive writing, related to our topics of study. 
    I can't wait to learn and grow with all of you this year! Let's make this the #bestyearever!  :)