• Welcome to Mrs. Cooper's 2018-2019 5th Grade!


    It's almost time to start a new school year!  I am so excited about using Google Classroom this year!  I earned my Google Level 1 Certification recently and have learned many new ways to integrate technology in the classroom.  It will be important that each student, if possible, keeps a set of headphones in their backpack.  Many of my lessons involve students accessing videos during their independent work.  A wonderful feature of a tech-rich classroom is that students can access all of their Google Classroom assignments as home as well as at school.  

    Also, students should always have an independent reading book in their backpacks.  They will have opportunities throughout the week to read independently.  I recommend that students keep their reading books, whether from home or from the library, in Ziploc bags.  I have seen many instances where water bottle spill or leak in backpacks and ruin books.  A Ziploc bag is an easy fix for that!


    As you may know, I LOVE Donor's Choose for funding classroom projects!  Crowd funding gives people an opportuity to participate at any level with which they are comfortable.  I recently had a project for flexible seating fully funded!  Thank you to those who made contributions - I appreciate your support!!  If you'd like to take a look at it, my page is 

    There is absolutely no obligation to participate - everyone is free to just take a look!




    In Reading this year, we will be using EL Schools curriculum.  This curriculum provides rigorous instruction using authentic text.  In our first quarter, we will study the Declaration of Human Rights written by the United Nations.  We will analyze this primary source and apply what we learn the the historical fiction novel, Esperanza Rising.  Here is a link he EL Schools website.   Reading Curriculum .  Please note:  We will begin reading Esperanza Rising during the first week of school!  Please have your student bring their copy on the first day.  

    Your student will be expected to read each night.  Many nights, your student will have text-dependent questions to answer and be ready for in-depth discussions during class the next day.  It is imperative that students complete their assigned independent reading so that our class time can be as productive as possible.  I will try to give as little extra homework as possible when independent reading and responses are due.

    During Writing, students will begin the year reinforcing their grammar skills, and students will begin putting their skills to work writing narrative, opinion, and expository pieces.