• Dear Parents and Students,

    During this unprecedented time in our learning, we will all need to be flexible and understanding of all sorts of things. Look for a weekly WaaG posted in the teacher’s Canvas Course along with class activities.

    Zoom is the preferred platform for Face-to-Face class time as an academic resource, but it is NOT a requirement. Parents and students may also request 1:1 conference time or communicate via Canvas Memo/messaging. *Zoom meetings may be recorded to ensure all content is academic and appropriate. Students are asked to turn off self recording video.

    Zoom Etiquette as recommended from: 


    Science Virtual Class Meetings: Tuesday and Thursday

    10:00 - 10:30 AM via Zoom 

    Monday - Thursday 

    1:00 - 1:30 PM Office Appointments via email, Canvas messaging or Zoom






    7th Grade topic standards


    Strand 4: Life Science Concept 3: Populations of Organisms in an Ecosystem

    Analyze the relationships among various organisms and their environment.

    Strand 6: Earth and Space Science Concept 1: Structure of the Earth

    Describe the composition and interactions between the structure of the Earth and its atmosphere.

    Strand 6: Earth and Space Science Concept 2: Earth’s Processes and Systems

    Understand the processes acting on the Earth and their interaction with the Earth systems.

    Strand 6: Earth and Space Science Concept 3: Earth in the Solar System
    Understand the relationships of the Earth and other objects in the solar system.