• Coming back Extraordinary

    The newly approved DVUSD plan means K-12 school remains online from August 3 through the end of the first quarter (October 9). For parents who select sending their students to campus, students would return to school buildings following Fall Break on Wednesday, October 14. Monitoring of COVID-19 cases will continue, and if significant improvement is made, the return to campus could be adjusted to an earlier date.

    On Campus/Virtual (with your Paseo Hills School campus teacher until school buildings reopen)

      • This is the option for parents who intend to have their child(ren) come back to campus when school buildings reopen. 
      • Classes are taught by student’s campus certified teachers starting August 3. 
      • Students are learning new content in their new grade with their new teachers.
      • Learning experience and student expectations are different from the home learning that we held in the spring.
      • Teacher-directed instruction via synchronous (real-time) and asynchronous (independent) learning using Canvas, the district online learning platform 
      • This option follows the school’s master schedule to support transition to in-person learning.
      • Services will be provided for specific student subpopulations such as gifted, English Learners, and Special Education.
      • Walk-Up to Math (acceleration) options and faster pace/compacting curriculum options available for all grade levels.
      • A sample schedule and more information will be coming.

    Click HERE for information on technology devices and internet connectivity

    Click HERE for information on learning platforms

    The following are important updates regarding device and material distribution on July 29th or July 31st.
    Paseo Hills is excited to start 2020 - 2021 school year with our Rattlers and even though it will begin differently, we know that we will continue to SHINE BRIGHT!


    What Items will be available for pick - up?
    • Devices for each enrolled student in your family
    • Possible grade level content materials to support virtual learning
    What are the available dates and times of distribution?
    Families should follow the scheduled based on the first letter of your last name.  There are two date options for families, please pick one date with scheduled time to report to distribution.
    Do I need to return the device checked out in the Spring?
    Families do not need to return district owned devices checked out in the Spring.  Families will continue to use these devices through Quarter #1 virtual learning.  If you have one district owned device and are in need of more devices, you can pick - up a device for EACH student enrolled on the scheduled dates and times.  Families only need to return district owned devices if they are withdrawing from DVUSD district.
    What if I do not need a device?
    At this time, you do not need to report to Paseo Hills for distribution.
    How will I know if I need to pick - up materials for virtual learning?
    At this time, it is not mandatory to report to distribution if you only need materials.  All families will be provided with First Day Information, Agendas and Handbooks.
    Paseo Hills will provide a second distribution of materials for virtual learning the week of August 3rd.  Schedules will be shared soon as needed.
    Where do I go at my assigned time to pick-up or drop off items for my student?
    • Prepare a paper and place in the passanger front windshield with the following information:
      • EACH of your student’s full last name, first initial
      • Grade level
      • Student # (lunch #)
      • # of devices needed
    *This is an important step to help us efficiently prepare devices and possible materials (Example Provided)
    • Enter the school parking lot and pull up in the student drop – off zone
    • There will be signs as you pull around in the student pick-up/drop-off zone with directions that will help ensure a smooth process
    • Please remain in your car at all times
    • Items will be placed either in the back seat of your car or trunk away from individuals to ensure no direct contact
    If you do not have transportation, you will need to contact Principal Hood via email to schedule a day and time to pick – up/drop – off items while maintaining social distancing/CDC guidelines.
    What CDC and Campus Guidelines must I know when reporting for device/material distribution?
    • All families will be expected to stay in their cars
    • Stay home if you are sick; do not go to school for distribution
    • Stay home if you have a family member at home who is sick
    Stay Safe.  Stay Healthy. Stay Strong Rattlers!

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