Spanish 1-2
    This course is an introduction to the Spanish language and culture.
    Students learn vocabulary and basic language structures through conversation and written expression.
    Spanish 3-4
    This course expands and refines vocabulary, language structure, and knowledge of Spanish cultures.
    Students should expect to communicate in conversation and written expression. 
    My classes use Canvas for a variety of assignments including homework, quizzes, & tests. I recommend that parents/gaurdians not only utilize PowerSchools to keep track of their student's progress, but to also use Canvas. Parents/gaurdians are able to be 'observers' of their student to track progress.
    Tuesdays & Thursdays @2:20 on Zoom. Link is in Canvas.
      El horario de Señorita B  Frida
          Hora 1   Español 1-2
          Hora 2   Español 3-4 H
          Hora 3   Español 3-4
          Hora 4   Español 3-4
          Hora 5 - almuerzo 
          Hora 6   Español 3-4
          Hora 7   Español 3-4 H