• BCHS iPad Information
    Important to know...
    • All students have a school email address: username@learner.dvusd.org
    • Students may not use personal Apple ID's on iPads.
    • Students whose initial enrollment at BCHS was after June, 2016 are assigned school Apple id's by the district. 
    • A new student will receive his or her new DVUSD Apple ID information via school email (username@learner.dvusd.org).
    • To set up a new DVUSD Apple ID, open the settings app and click on iCloud. Enter the username and password you received in your email. Passwords can be changed after initial setup.
    Initial iPad setup information:
    CLICK HERE for everything you need to know to set up your iPad 
    Forgot your  Apple ID password?
    Saving personal files on your iPad
    There are several ways to do this.
    1. Save to iCloud (must have an Apple ID to use)
    2. Save to Google Drive (use your district provided account username@learner.dvusd.org)
    3.  Email it to yourself
    If you have files in apps, you will need to create an account for each app and save to the app's cloud. You can also usually save app files by sending them to your email. 
    iPad iOS Updates
    • Many apps won't work unless iOS is operating at the latest version.
    • Here's how to update iOS on an iPad:  
    • Settings > General > Software Update > Install Now > enter passcode> Agree >  Agree Update won't start unless iPad is charged over 50%
    iPad wifi isn't reliable and/or Canvas isn't working
    • Your iPad wifi network may have jumped to Guest. You need to move it back to DVUSDmobile. Here's how
     iPad isn't getting any internet or email
    • Ipad may be locked in isolation. To check, go to settings > wifi > DVUSDmobile > i
    • If you see isol.dvusd.org next to search domains your ipad is isolated and won't have access to internet. This isol status should last only 30-60 minutes. If you still see isol after one hour, please let Mr. Pondy know.  Please include ipad's IP address in your email.
    iPad won't install apps
    1. Are you installing an app you found at the DVUSD App Store? Only DVUSD App Store apps can be installed on a DVUSD iPad.
    2. Check iOS. Does it need updating? Some apps won't work unless iOS is operating at latest version.
    How to update iOS on an iPad:
    • Settings > General > Software Update > Install Now > enter passcode > Agree >  Agree
    • Updates won't start unless iPad is charged over 50% or plugged in
    iPad suddenly shuts down or shows black screen
    • Try a hard restart by holding down the on-off button and the home button at the same time.
    • Why did this happen? It could be that there are too many apps open on the iPad. Double click on the home button and swipe some apps closed. 
    Entered Passcode too many times and now iPad is disabled
    iPad doesn't do everything you want it to do
    Remember that your school iPad is filtered and monitored by DVUSD both on and off campus. It is for school use. Attempting to circumvent the DVUSD filters and security system is a violation of the user agreement and may result in disciplinary action.