• Monday - Thursday at 2pm I will have a daily drawing ZOOM gathering for K-6th Grade

    Monday - Thursday 8am for 7th and 8th grade

    Week of May 18, 2020

    Monday May 18 -

    Picasso Rooster Pablo Picasso Rooster  Click HERE how to draw a Rooster

    Tuesday May 19 -

    Giraffe Pop Art Giraffe Click HERE for step to draw a Giraffe

    Wednesday May 20 -

    Cake CAKE with Wayne Theibaud!  Click HERE for steps on how to draw a cake

    Check in Google Classroom for detailed instructions, handouts and videos supporting these lessons.

    If you cannot access the google classroom, click on the photos of each picture for a drawing sheet/coloring sheet to follow along.

    Submit your work to Ms. G at camille.obert-goralski@dvusd.org with the artist first, last name in subject line and teacher name.


    Week of May 11,2020

    I am changing the format for my Zoom gatherings so that you can choose which zoom you want to attend.  I will email the zoom invite via email or through google classroom if you're interested.

    ZOOM at 2pm with Ms. G.  for ALL grade levels!  

    Materials needed for all drawing sessions:

    • Pencil, eraser and paper
    • Coloring materials are your choice.  I like to use water based markers (like Crayola) and water with a paint brush to blend.

    Dolphin Monday May 11 --> Dolphins (Click on the image to get the link for a coloring sheet)

    Eagle  May 12 --> Bald Eagle  - (Click on the image to get the link for a coloring sheet)

    Britto Heart Landscape  May 13 --> Romero Britto Heart Landscape   (Click on the image to get the link for a coloring sheet)

    Colour Mehndi Patterns  May 14 - Mendi Hands  (Click on the image to get the link for a coloring sheet)

    LINK to Specials Schedule: ALL specials schedule

    Grades 7/8 

    Monday - Thursday from 8:00 am -8:30 am

    Students need to log into their CANVAS Middle School Art (from Home) class to access the code


    To join Ms. G's daily Zoom meeting, please email Ms. G for invite or look in your google classroom for the ZOOM invitation.

    If you wish to schedule a virtual meeting outside of these hours, please email Ms. G camille.obert-goralski@dvusd.org and you will get a response within 1 business day.