• Chief Science Officers Season 2 (2016-2017)





    CSO Vission Statements:

    "As a CSO, I want to share my knowledge of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) to the community, and promote STEM-related careers to further improve our community" -Camilo Waters, 8th Grade

    "I am an eighth grader who enjoys playing basketball and participating in Science Investigations. As a Chief Science Officer I would like to advocate for STEM education and all of the amazing opportunities that are involved with STEM." -Logan Juncaj, 8th Grade

    "I am a dancer and a violinist. As a Chief Science Officer I want to encourage students to be involved in STEM Education and develop an interest for it."-Zoey Miller, 7th Grade

    "As a CSO, I want to have more STEM related activities. To make this possible I want to ensure that all of the kids will be involved with a STEM related activity" -Emma Applegate, 7th Grade


    Chief Science Officers Season 1 (2016-2017)
       "Chief Science Officers is an organization based in Arizona that has a goal of expanding STEAM in schools. STEAM consists of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics. Attending the Summer Institute inspired me to have a goal and that is to boost STEAM in our school. STEAM will not only help you in school, but prepare you for your future career. As your Chief Science Officer, my goal is to motivate each and every one of you to be involved in science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics."- Roan Condron 8th Grade 2016


      "Last summer Roan and I had the privilege to represent Sonoran Foothills at the CSO Summer Institute which was held at Grand Canyon University, along with 120 other CSO’s from around Arizona. We learned  many things such as team building, storytelling, Rube Goldberg simple machines and much more. We were also trained to  do public speaking and panel discussion. At the institute I was inspired  to develop my skills in STEAM that can help my fellow classmates. As your Chief Science Officer I want to inspire you to have an appreciation for STEAM." 

    Priya Ritzberg 7th Grade 2016