My name is Mr. Devenney and I will be your, or your child’s, online Chemistry or Physics teacher for Aspire.  I teach at Mountain Ridge High School and have been teaching at DVOLP for 7 years but high school for over 25 years.  You made an excellent choice in signing up for an Aspire course and I am looking forward to working with you and doing some science! Welcome to the course and here are some tips to make your semester productive, positive, and successful.


    I hope you will take a minute to watch a short welcome video from me so you can put a face with the name and get some tips and tricks to be successful in my class.

    Introduction Video


    1) To get into your classes you will go to dvusd.instructure.com.  Your log in is your Novell log in (first initial, middle initial, first 3 letters of last name and last 3 of your ID number) to gain access.  You are welcome to go there early to look at your settings, but you will not have access to your classes until the first day of class.


    2) Get your orientation done as soon as the class starts so you have time to complete all of your assignments.  The orientation and the “START HERE” module must be done before you get access to the other modules.  The sooner you complete that the faster you can get started on the real science.  Remember that if you are taking more than 1 DVOLP class then you must do the orientation for all of them.  Here is the link to the orientation class for the 22-23 school year. Orientation Class


    3) Don’t wait until the due date to start your assignments.  At least look them over earlier in the week, some of them take more than one day!  When you submit assignments, it must be a pdf file or Word document.  You can always take a CLEAR picture of your work and paste that picture into a Word document to submit. 


    4) Use the Canvas messaging system!! Make sure that you put in your phone number, Twitter account, email, or whatever contact method you use frequently in the Canvas notification settings.  I will send out a lot to reminders to you, but it is up to you to make sure you actually check them. :)


    5) The main reason why students don’t do well is that they skip assignments and don’t turn things in by the due date.  Students often tell me that they forgot about the class.  Set alarms on your phone, or a calendar reminder so you don’t forget you have this class to work in!  Most of the assignments are for completion (but not all) so that just means you need to put forth effort and try your best to do well.  Assignments are due each Tuesday and Friday by midnight.


    6) On assignments, most of your points come from you showing your work.  You are required to write out any equation used without any values plugged in, then show all your work, and when you get an answer . . .  don’t forget the unit of measurement on that answer!!!  You will see a grading rubric at the bottom of each assignment which will give you the info. About how I will be grading that assignment.

    Course Calendars: Please use the links below to view the course calendar that displays the assignments and due dates for the course.  It will periodically be updated throughout the semester.  This is also posted in the class in the announcements.

    Chemistry 1 Calendar

    Chemistry 1 Honors Calendar

    Chemistry 2 Calendar

    Chemistry 2 Honors Calendar

    Physics 1 Calendar

    Physics 2 Calendar


    Feel free to send me a message in Canvas if you have any questions. :) You can also email me at jon.devenney@dvusd.org with any questions.



Last Modified on December 15, 2023