Getting Started in Biology

  • My name is Mrs. Jewett and I will be your, or your child’s, online science teacher for DV Online Learning Program.  I teach at Mountain Ridge High School and have been teaching DV Online school for over 10 years.  You made an excellent choice in signing up for a DV Online course and I am looking forward to working with you and doing some science! 


    While you are waiting for your class to be ready please look through the student handbook to make sure you are familiar with the Deer Valley Online Policies.


    You will log in to your classes at  Use your Novell log in (first initial, middle initial, first 3 letters of last name and last 3 of your ID number) to gain access. 



    science rocks


    Tips for Success

    Here are some tips on how to be successful in both this online course and others you may take in the future.

    • For each module of the course you are required to do all of the items in order. Some of the items you will not turn in, but you will need to use them to get information. There is no textbook for this class, so you will be watching videos, doing online reading and talking with your peers.  If you skip those things it will be very hard to do the assignments that are for a grade.
    • Don’t wait until the due date to start your assignments. At least look them over earlier in the week, some of them take more than one day!  Think about how much time you spend on an in-person class including the time that you are in class and doing homework.  You should be spending about 9 hours a week on each online class you take (fall and spring semesters). About 23 hours per week on each online class during the summer semester.
    • Use the Canvas messaging system!! Make sure that you put in your phone number, Twitter account, email, or whatever contact method you use frequently. I will send out a lot to reminders about assignments, tips on what to look out for that week or other information, but it is up to you to make sure you actually check them. :)
    • There are due dates for the class, and if you turn things in late you will miss out on valuable learning opportunities. The best way to get an A is to do all of your assignments on time! Use the assignments to help you learn the content for the tests. Most of the test questions are similar to what you see in the practice, labs, and discussions.  Make sure you are using the assignments to your advantage!