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    Below you will find information regarding your online course.


    Introduction to Art 1 & 2 will introduce you to numerous types of artmaking and also how to speak the language of art. Please watch the following  course video to give you a better understanding of what the course is about.


    Intro to Art 1 & 2

  • UPDATE as of 4/6/2020


    Final Exams: 

    There will be no FINAL EXAMS fro the spring 2020 Semester. Courses will end on May 7th at 11:59pm, and the grade the student has in the course at that time will be their course grade.


    Virtual Class Meetings:

    Every Tuesday and Thursday 9AM-9:30AM

    Students recieved message in Canvas with the meeting link and password.


  • Watercolor and Brush

    Intro to Art 1- Major Project List

    Wow Me Drawing - Any Drawing Medium

    Variety Line Drawing- Pen

    Descriptive Line Drawing- Pen

    Implied Line Drawing- Pencil

    Value Still Life- Pencil

    Final Value Drawing- Pencil

    Abstract Color Drawing- Colored Pencil

    Paper Collage- Mixed Media

    Landscape- Mixed Media

    Architecture Drawing- Any Drawing Medium or Mixed Media

    Inspirational Piece- Any Media

    Final Studio Project- Any Media

    A sample of Drawing Tools


    Intro to Art 2- Major Project List

    Wow Me Drawing- Any Medium

    Proportion Drawing- Pencil

    Texture Animal Drawing - Colored Pencil

    Colored Pencil Drawing- Colored Pencil/Mixed Media

     Acrylic Painting 1- Acrylic Paint

    Acrylic Painting 2- Acrylic Paint/Mixed Media

    History Illustration - Any Medium

    Concept Art-  Any Medium

    Sketch Book - Drawing Media

    Self Reflection Piece - Any Medium

    Detail Drawing- Pen or Pencil

    Final Drawing - Any Medium

    Ear done in Pencil