• Important Gifted information and Links

    Email: GiftedServices@dvusd.org

    Website: https://www.dvusd.org/gifted

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    • Parent Seminar #4: Emotional Regulation & the Gifted Learner

    November 16 (Las Brisas Library/ 6:00 - 7:00 p.m.)

    Join Dr. Dawn Byrd for an in-depth discussion about emotional regulation and supporting the emotional intensities commonly associated with the gifted learner. Following the presentation, parents are welcome to join a Q&A discussion about DVUSD Gifted Services. For more information click here.

    • Future Gifted Testing
    Deer Valley Gifted Services offers a full continuum of support for our gifted students in Pre-K thru Grade 12. Providing developmentally appropriate enrichment with differentiation and flexible grouping structures allows our youngest scholars to have their individual needs met.

    Families interested in participating in a Bright Beginnings Kindergarten or Kindergarten Gifted Cluster classroom are invited to participate in Future Kinder Gifted Testing. For more information click here.



  • Mrs. Smith's Schedule 2023-2024

    • 1st Hour - Algebra 1-2 Honors
    • 2nd Hour- Algebra 1-2 Honors
    • 3rd Hour- Math 8
    • 4th Hour- Math 8
    • 5th Hour- Algebra 1-2 Honors
    • 6th Hour- Prep

    Suggested Supplies:

    • 1 1.5-inch 3 ring binder
    • 2-70 page college ruled spiral notebooks
    • Graph paper
    • Scientific calculator (for Math 8)-OPTIONAL
    • TI84 Graphing calculator (recommended for Algebra H)-OPTIONAL
    • 1 packages of dividers
    • 1 package of 25+ page protectors
    • 2-glue sticks or tape
    • 4-dry erase markers