It's Not Over Yet!
  •  Home Learning      Fifth Grade Home Learning Classes To Start Monday, April 6

    For the next two weeks, students will be in their Google Classrooms and on Canvas for approximately 3 hours daily, though we are not scheduling specific times that students must participate. Our aim is for students to be as independent of their parents/guardians or any support other than ours as possible. We will accomplish this through brief recorded video lessons, learning activities that review previously taught content, and live, optional online support in the morning and afternoon from each of us each day. We are encouraging students to set up an area dedicated to their home learning where they can focus and concentrate.


    On Sunday evening, we will provide a weekly Home Learning Schedule for the coming week so that there is a suggested structure and routine for students to follow to get into the mindset of learning at home. When students are in their online classrooms, lessons will appear day by day. For example, Reading and Social Studies lessons will be released on Monday and Wednesday. Math and Science lessons will be posted on Tuesday and Thursday. Students can complete the work at their own pace.


    After April 17, the district will provide more information about how home learning is to proceed for the rest of the school year. For now, know that the next two weeks of online learning are ungraded opportunities for students to learn to navigate their new classroom spaces and to review familiar content in each of their subjects. We are viewing the next two weeks flexibly, knowing that all involved will certainly experience a learning curve that needs to be navigated with care and open-mindedness.


    Please encourage your 5th grader to meet with us live via Zoom when needed, and we will do the same. Times and Zoom links will be found on our Home Learning Schedule, as will our schedule for responding to emails and scheduling parent meetings. 


    If you haven’t yet, please join special areas in their Google Classrooms. To join P.E., please use the Class Code vy7tdew. To join Band, please use the Class Code 5bpzrxp. To join Choir, the Class Code is ynqdwhr and for Music it is fsixlwo. Codes for joining other special area classes will be communicated when available. As a reminder from the special area teachers, students should only join special area classes that they are currently enrolled in.


    Our assistant principal, Mrs. Miiller, is asking that all students in grades 5-8 fill out a Home Learning Agreement. The link to the agreement is, and students must be logged in to their account to complete it.