• Science

    science 4 Mountain Ridge Science is proud of the rigorous, challenging and diverse courses offered! At every level, we provide students with lab based, real world application and exposure. As our world becomes more and more technical and scientific, we find it important to offer a wide variety of courses to fit all future educational and career goals of our students. We work diligently to prepare all of our science students for the challenges of the real world by re-enforcing the Arizona College and Career Ready Standards, all content Arizona State Standards, as well as course specific college board objectives.  

    Here are the 2018-2019 courses we offer in science. Some of the courses listed can earn immediate college credit (*) through our partnership with Rio Salado Community College, and some offer exit exams through the College Board which can also earn college credit as long as specified, minimal scores are earned. (**).  Additionally, many of our science courses can be taken as "honors" courses (***), which add additional content depth, rigor and course expectations.

    • AP Biology **science56
    • AP Chemistry **
    • AP Environmental Science **
    • AP Physics 1 and 2 **
    • Forensic Science
    • Environmental Science *
    • Marine Biology *
    • Anatomy and Physiology *
    • Medical Arts
    • Earth Science
    • Biology ***
    • Chemistry *** 

    No matter what our student's interests are in the sciences, or what their future college or career goals in science may be, all of our science courses allow students to go "above and beyond" a typical high school experience in the sciences classroom!