• Welcome to Fifth Grade Social Studies


    We have a full year planned this year!   Units are listed below and are in chronological order.  Students will be using Canvas to access their assignments and textbook online.  Parents will also have the ability to be an "observer" in Canvas so that they are able to track their child's progress.   If you have any questions, please email me at sherry.holly@dvusd.org.  Office hours are typically Mon-Fri from 3:30-4:30, if you need to contact me by phone or schedule a meeting in advance.


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    information-1019913_960_720.jpg Map-Global-Globe-World-Earth-Hands-Creative-Blue-600497.jpg thunderbird-clkr.jpg
    Important Information Geography Native Peoples of North America
    1658_Visscher_Map_of_North_America_and_South_America_-_Geographicus_-_America-visscher-1658.jpg BiztownColorNGLogo.jpg Map_of_the_Thirteen_Original_Colonies.jpg
    Age of Exploration

    JA Biztown

    Jan 9, 2018

    Colonial America
    American Revolution.jpg AAP.jpg DSCN8752.JPG
    The American Revolution

    SW Airlines Adopt-A-Pilot

    Wax Museum
    Declaration7610.jpg Lewis and Clark.jpg emancipation-library-company-philadelphia1.jpg
    Founding the Nation



    Slavery & Emancipation

    Dear Families,

    In Social Studies, we are beginning our digital adventure and eventually will be delving into the world of Canvas, the online Learning Management System that is being utilized by all Deer Valley High Schools.  The use of Canvas is being phased into the lower grade levels, and eventually you will see more and more classrooms utilize it.  Canvas is an excellent tool for students and teachers to receive and turn in assignments.   Parents also have opportunity to access Canvas so that they can monitor student progress.  More information about Canvas will be shared at Curriculum Night on Wednesday Aug 22. 

    This will be my second year using Canvas, I’m learning it along with the students and we are discovering together, some of the nuances of the program.  On Canvas, students have the ability to send email messages to me.  I will be teaching them the rules of email etiquette and one of their assignments is to send a proper email.  All students have also been provided an email address that ends in @learner.dvusd.org, so that they can access Google Chrome and Google Drive, an excellent tool for students where they are able to open their documents from any device that has an internet connection.

    The students will be taught how to write to their teachers using Gmail, or to send messages via Canvas.  With the increased use of digital technology and communication, Digital Citizenship will be an ongoing theme throughout the year.   Today, students have been advised that all communication between classmates, using their DVUSD account can be used for school purposes only.  Students may contact each other for questions regarding school, or collaborating on assignments, etc.  Emails are not intended to be used as social media, having personal conversations or a platform for cyberbullying.  Any violation of these expectations may result in the loss of using technology in the classroom.

    With the ever increasing exposure to digital communication, discussions about Digital Citizenship will be ongoing and frequent.  Please be very cognizant of your child’s digital presence online. Your support is greatly appreciated in this matter as we move forward this year.

    Hope to see you on August 22.

    Educationally yours,

    Mrs. Holly