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    Dear Families,

    In Social Studies, we are beginning our digital adventure, during this home learning time and delving into the world of Canvas, the online Learning Management System that is being utilized by the Deer Valley School District.  Canvas is an excellent tool for students and teachers to receive and turn in assignments, as well as access the online Social Studies book, and communicate directly to the teacher via email through Canvas.

    I'm a novice user of Canvas, and I’m learning it along with the students and we will be discovering together, how to navigate through the program.  Patience and perserverence will be an important virture during this time of learning.  But I have confidence that our students will be able to master Canvas in no time!  

    In order to access Canvas, click on the link

    follow the directions below:

    Canvas Sign ON



    Welcome message


    Educationally yours,

    Mrs. Holly