• Portrait of a Graduate

    Working alongside families, houses of worship and our community, the Deer Valley Unified School District is dedicated to provide all students with extraordinary learning opportunities. Our future graduates have identified the most important skills they need to meet the 21st Century challenges and opportunities they will face upon graduation. DVUSD’s commitment focuses on providing each student with these skills. A Deer Valley Unified School District graduate will be able to:

    Think critically

    • Develop effective strategies to complete tasks
    • Persist during challenges to effectively solve problems


    Employ skills of self-management and leadership

    • Demonstrate personal advocacy and act with integrity
    • Develop a love of learning and apply that learning in creative ways
    • Manage time, money and other resources effectively


    Communicate effectively

    • Explore and share information and ideas with confidence
    • Engage in meaningful communication, verbal and non-verbal


    Demonstrate technical knowledge and skills

    • Utilize technology to increase personal effectiveness
    • Understand the social and ethical impact of technology on yourself and others
    • Respect the appropriate time, place and use of technology


    Work collaboratively

    • Share what you know and learn from others
    • Develop positive relationships that build consensus and initiate action


    Practice good citizenship

    • Treat yourself and others with respect
    • Exhibit personal responsibility for good character and good citizenship
    • Utilize talents and skills to improve yourself, the community and our world


    Content crafted by Student Voice 2012-2015
    DVUSD Student Roundtables 2015-2016
    DVUSD Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council 2015-2016