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    Special Education/Student Support Services

    Mountain Ridge High School Student Services commits itself to help all students maximize their academic achievement, acquire appropriate life skills, and develop awareness of their personal characteristics in order to increase their life opportunities as they move toward responsible citizenship.

    We work with students, their families, school personnel, and the community to provide a comprehensive service model that revolves around students' academic, emotional, interpersonal, and transitional development.  We resolve to evaluate and adapt our program to meet the unique needs of our students and to ensure student growth.

    MRHS seeks to provide students with disabilities access to a quality education within the most inclusive setting possible. In accordance with Federal and State regulations for children with disabilities, Mountain Ridge High School offers a variety of programs for students who are determined eligible for special education and related services. Educational programs are individualized to meet the needs of each student and students receive services within a least restrictive environment, which allows them maximum participation in regular education programs. Our special education programs seek to provide students with opportunities to achieve academic excellence.

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