• Welcome to the MRHS Band, Guard and Orchestra! 

    The MRHS Band program, collectively called the "Pride of the West" has developed several means of relaying important information to students and parents. Each of the following are important links between the Band Director, students, and parents.  Please make a note of each our communication lines and stay in the loop.


    Slack is the app the Band uses to share information, post announcements, post videos of performances and choreography, and direct message individuals and small groups. The most reliable way to contact Mr. Vogel is through Slack.

    The Band Office:

    Call or email the Band Office with questions for Mr. Vogel, or if you should have a conflict. 

    The Band Website: www.mrhsband.net

    Please take a few minutes to visit the Band website. It has a ton of information about the Band!

    Charms: www.charmsoffice.com

    The Charms site is packed with information designed specifically to help keep students and parents up to date with all of the many Band activities, post announcements and schedules, and financial information. Make the Charms site your first stop for information about the Band and check it often -  it is updated regularly! New students should e-mail charms@mrhsbandaides.com to be set up. login: mountainridgeband

    Email: aaron.vogel@dvusd.org

    Email has proven to be one of the most effective methods of communication for the Band program.  During the school year, we will send out a weekly email update of announcements (The Fanfare!), information about events, schedules, and/or other news. Please help me get important information to you by ensuring that we have accurate, up-to-date email addresses for students and parents. Additions/corrections should be sent to charms@mrhsbandaides.com.

    The Fanfare!:

    The Fanfare! is a weekly announcement bulletin posted in Canvas, and sent to current students and families via email. If you are not receiving it in your email in-box, contact charms@mrhsbandaides.comMost often, the Fanfare! will serve to remind students and parents about upcoming performances, meetings, and announcements, or will direct you to the Band website for further information.  A couple of minutes to read through the Fanfare! on the part of students AND parents will go miles towards keeping everyone informed about all of the great activity within the Band program.

    Mountain Ridge Bands” page on Facebook:

    Social media sites, such as Facebook, have become a powerful communication tool, even for school organizations.  The MRHS Band has a page on Facebook. Click the link on the Band homepage and “Like” us on Facebook! 

    Follow us on Twitter “@mrhsbandsaz”:

    The Mountain Ridge Band is on Twitter! Follow us “at MRHS Bands AZ”

    Band Student / Parent Meetings:

    These meetings are specifically designed for the students and parents. You will hear the plans for upcoming events, what our needs are, and how we plan to meet those needs.  This is also where I will address the “business” of running a Band program, go through the expectations of the program, procedures and information, and answering questions.

    Pride of the West 101:

    This is for new parents to the MRHS Band/Guard, and to parents who have been in the program but would like to learn more.  This ‘class’ will be for anyone to come and learn about how the program works and what to expect. We will cover things such as: Why do we fundraise?  What happens at competitions? Who do I contact? etc.

    Band-Aides Monthly Meetings:

    These are monthly meeting for all parents to discuss this month’s updates, calendar, and business. Attending the monthly meetings are one of the best ways for parents to stay involved, participate in discussion, have their opinions heard, see old friends, and meet new ones. It takes a village to make the Band successful! Every parent who is able should plan on serving. Without volunteers, nothing is possible, but with you everything is possible and it’s fun to be around the students!

    Office Hours: By appointment. Please email Mr. Vogel to schedule an appointment.

    Course Syllabus: Available here

    Band Forms are available on the Band Website: www.mrhsband.net/forms

    Powerschool and Canvas

    Powerschool (Attendance and Grades)

    Canvas (Learning Management System)