If this is the first day of class and you arrived here -please go to CANVAS.  In Canvas, look for the Zoom link, follow and we will go from there! 

    Hello and welcome!  My name is Mr. Miller and I teach three sections of Geometry 1-2H and two sections of Geometry.

    This school year we are off to an unprecedented start.  As we begin our year online, I think it is important for all of us all to keep a day-to-day focus.  It is hard to predict how these next year days, weeks and months will shake out.  If we all practice patience and stay in the here and now, it will serve us all in the long run.





    Here is ome basic information regarding classroom locations and


    Room E101   email: chad.miller@dvusd.org

    Phone (623) 376-3131


    1st Period - Geo 1-2H

    2nd Period - Geo 1-2H

    3rd Period - Geo 1-2

    5th Period - Geo 1-2

    6th Period - Geo 1-2H


    Important infromation for this class can found on Canvas.  Students will use HMH as our online textbook.  Finally, please refer to PowerSchools for grades and feedback. 


    MTSS Canvas Enrollment 2019-2020