Biology in room E215

    Course DescriptionThis course introduces students to major themes of biology, the study of life.  The focus of this course is to incite interest, questions, and appreciation of biology, expanding students with the knowledge of the living world, in and around us.  At the end of this course, students will have been provided with the necessary skills to problem solve, reason, and think critically in everyday situations, in and out of a scientific community.

    Topics that will be covered

    • Cells
    • Levels of organization
    • Genetics
    • Cancer
    • Evolution
    • Viruses
    • Ecology
    • Environmental Science


  • My schedule:


    Period 1: Biology

    Period 2: Biology

    Period 3: prep

    Period 4: lunch

    Period 5 - 7: Biology

  • Office Hours:


    Monday-Thursday: before school with appointment, after school-3pm

    *Office hours may change last minute, please check with me in advance!