Class Schedule

    Period 1    LCC English 5/6  7/8

    Period 2     Co Teach  Probability and Statistics/ Financial Math

    Period 3     Co Teach  Financial Math/Probability and Statistics

    Period 4     Prep

    Period 5     Co Teach  Math/Life Slills 

    Period 6     Self Contained English 3-4


    Office Hours:  7am to 730am Monday through Friday


    Probability and Statistics

           This course is designed to develope a greater understanding and appreciation for and skill in

    applying statistical techniques in the decision making process.  Topics include: descriptive statistics,

    probability, and statistical inference.  Practical examples based on real data are used throughout the course.

    Students will plan and conduct experiements or surveys and analyze the resulting data.

    Whitten Syllabus


    Financial Math

           This course includes the study of the complex financial world the students will encounter in their lives including

    taxes, bankruptcy, investing, hedge funds as well as personal financial topics like loans (cars, college, homes, and

    payday loans), insureance, credit card purchases, loan refinancing, financial software,budgeting and retirement planning.

    The class is a project based class.

    Whitten Syllabus



    English 3-4

                  This course fulfills the requirement for Sophomore English for graduation.  This course explores and analyzes multi cultural

    Literature. This course is graded on Reading , Speaking and Listening, Writing and Language, and the final exam.  The course includes

    writing essays. group discussions, close readings, projects based assessments, and using all modalities in instruction.

    Houle Syllabus



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