Class Schedule

    Period 1    LCC English 1/2  3/4 5/6  7/8

    Period 2    Read180

    Period 3   Prob/stats

    Period 4   LCC English 1/2  3/4  5/6  7/8

    Period 5    lunch

    Period 6   co teach ELA 3/4

    Period 7   co teach ELA 3/4


    Office Hours: 6:30am to 7:15am Monday through Friday



    English 1-2

    English 3-4

                  This course fulfills the requirement for Freshman/Sophomore English for graduation.  This course explores and analyzes multi-culturalLiterature. This course is graded on Reading , Speaking and Listening, Writing and Language, and the final exam.  The course includeswriting essays. group discussions, close readings, projects based assessments, and using all modalities in instruction.  


    English 5-6

    English 7-8


      English Language Arts 7-8 critically examines both comtemporary fiction and non-fiction as well as selections from classic British Literature.  English Language Arts 5-6 is designed to enhance and refine students' writing skills and students will learn how to write clearly and effectively  for a variety of purposes.  This course is both chronological and thematic approach to American Literature.  By incorporating both perspectives, students will not only develop an understanding of our "American Journey," but also explore relevant, contemporary thematic links.  Throughout this course, students will be provided with many opportunities to understand, evaluate, and clearly commuicate ideas through reading, speaking, and listening.  This course offers expanded opportunites to use 21st century skills to enhance the learning experence and expand course themes.  English Language Arts 7-8 is aligned with the Arizona College and Career Ready standards and supports the school wide effort in increasing student achievement.


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