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Mr. Zachary Ostrand (Mr. Z)

Hey there! My name is Zachary Ostrand and this will be my 13th year as a public educator (Just kidding, it's my 3rd year but I promise I'm good!). I graduated from NAU and did my student teaching in Flagstaff. I wanted to give back to the community that raised me so I moved back to the Valley, where I grew up.

I LOVE teaching World History. I also don't teach World History, but I do love it. (Wait, this is old, I actually do co-teach World History now!) I co-teach Algebra I-II and Algebra Applications; and I love those too! Additionally, I teach Transition Explorations, a class in its 2nd year here at Ridge (look at me, starting something!). The Transition Exploration course guides incoming Freshman and Sophomores through not only surviving high school, but thriving within it as well! The course divulges study, test-taking, note-taking, time management, self-reflection My hobbies include: writing IEPs, hanging out with my hedgehog (his name is Ricky), watching the New York Rangers, listening to podcasts and long walks to the beach. You may have seen me while dropping off/picking up your student, I'm the guy riding his bike to and from school (yes, I'm aware that the helmet makes me look dorky, but I'm trying to set a good example for the kids!). If you see me, feel free to wave hello! If I recognize you I'll return a wave or peace sign :) if I don't recognize you, I'll probably just pedal faster. Feel free to browse the photo gallery for a plethora of pictures of Ricky.


My Office Hours are 2:20-3:30 on school days - Hours subject to change, please schedule an appointment with me prior to ensure I will be able to attend.


My e-mail is - This is the best way to reach me! :)