• tech support

  • Tech  Requirements

    Deer Valley Online Learning Program students must have high-speed internet access and Microsoft Office or Google Drive. 

    The best way to ensure a great Deer Valley Online Learning Program experience is to read the Canvas website for compatibility.

    The Deer Valley Online Learning Program supports the use of the Canvas app for use on iOS and Andriod devices. After installing the Canvas by Instructure app on your device, search for the institution "Deer Valley Unified School District". 

    Online Textbooks

    Online textbooks are provided by textbook publishers and are not controlled by or affiliated with the Deer Valley Online Learning Program. However, there are are some tips and tricks we can offer that will make accessing your online book easier.

    If your book won't load, or it only shows you the book cover, either you don't have Adobe Acrobat reader, or you have it but it's not enabled in your browser. Acrobat reader allows you to view PDF's, which is the format the textbook publishers use for their online books. Here's how to enable Acrobat in different browsers.

    Google Chrome has a PDF reader built into the browser, so try using Chrome when accessing the textbook.

    If you are using Internet Explorer and have Acrobat try these steps:
    Clear all off-line content, history and cookies. To do this in Internet Explorer:
    1. Select the Tools menu then Internet Options.
    2. Within this menu select Delete Cookies and then click OK.
    3. Next click on Delete Files and when a second window appears check mark the box for Delete all Offline Content and click Ok.
    4. Finally, click on Clear History.

    If that does not work try this:

    1. Open Acrobat Reader
    2. Click on Edit and then Preferences.
    3. Click on Internet (left side of the screen).
    4. Uncheck the Display PDF in browser box and click the OK button at the bottom.
    5. Follow steps 2-3 again only this time recheck the Display PDF in browser box.
    6. Click OK then exit Acrobat Reader.
    7. Start Internet Explorer and log into the textbook. All pages should now be visible.

    You can download Adobe Acrobat Reader here.

    If you have a Mac, the textbooks can be a special problem because Mac doesn't generally support viewing PDF's in a web browser.